Over $$650K Raised from Amazing Startups ♥️
Over $$650K Raised from Amazing Startups ♥️
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How 1M MASKS Works

If you are a healthcare worker (nurse, doctor) or hospital employee, you can order PPE directly from this site and we will ship it to you immediately. Shipping is from the New York area, and reaches most places within 1-2 days. 

The PPE on this site is completely free. We will verify that you are a healthcare worker by checking your email address so please use your hospital/practice email.

The PPE was sourced, imported and paid for by the 1M MASKS team. The logistics and shipping are funded by Ware2Go.

Read more about the process here.

Order Your PPE Here

About 1M MASKS

Our goal is to get one million masks to healthcare workers on the front lines in New York.

Existing supplies of life-saving resources – ventilators, respirators and other PPE – are in short supply. Heroic healthcare workers on the frontlines are left dangerously exposed to the very virus they are struggling to combat. Hospitals are competing on the open market to replenish supplies and states and municipalities are struggling to source needed equipment.

Getting PPE to healthcare workers will directly save lives – both medical staff and patients.

The NYC startup community is a close-knit, compassionate group of companies and we can put maximum force behind this very focused problem.

Read more about the problem here, and here and here.