Over $$650K Raised from Amazing Startups ♥️
Over $$650K Raised from Amazing Startups ♥️
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How We Work

It's pretty simple. If you are a healthcare worker (nurse, doctor) or hospital employee, you can order PPE directly from this site and we will ship it to you immediately. Shipping is from our warehouse in the NY area so we can reach most places in 1-2 days.

It's completely free. We bought all the PPE with our donated funds. We will verify that you are a healthcare worker by checking your email address (so pls use your hospital/practice email). We can also look you up by name if you want.

Once verified, the order will be shipped same day.

The shipping charge will also be removed post verification. That is just a step to allow us to manually process the order (don't worry, you will not need to pay or even provide a credit card).

We're doing this to make the supply chain even smoother and reduce friction. No more forms to fill out or organizations to contact. Just buy like you would on Amazon.

If you try to resell this product or are not a healthcare worker, we will be relentless in chasing you down. And it's also a terrible thing to do. So please let only the folks on the front lines use this product.

Thanks to the folks at Ware2Go, a UPS company for all their help and support to make this happen.

Read more on our FAQ here.

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