Over $$650K Raised from Amazing Startups ♥️
Over $$650K Raised from Amazing Startups ♥️
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"Thank you for your contribution to Hopkins Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare. Our staff is very grateful to have received such an important PPE from your company. We will continue to do our best despite the very bad situations and all your help and support will never be forgotten. Here’s to you! Together we are saving lives."

- Director of Hopkins Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare


"You all are truly, truly amazing. I was taken aback when the shipment came.
I never thought it would take a flight on my favorite airline, Cathay Pacific, straight time JFK and to my door to distribute to my work family in the hospital. We feel so much appreciation and gratitude towards your enough team for making this all possible. Please accept our humblest thank you.”

- The Cardiology Division at Mount Sinai Beth Israel



"I am a solo pediatrician in Coney Island, Brooklyn. I am writing to express my gratitude for the PPE delivered to my office on Sunday, May 3rd. It is a great help. It is also very good feeling to know that somebody cares. Please pass my gratitude to everybody who works in the group and makes this happen. You guys are amazing! "

- Pediatrician in Coney Island


"Thank you so much for all of the work you are doing. Please know, you are saving lives. Three of our colleagues died last week, completely preventable with appropriate PPE we just didn't have.”

- Doctor at Metropolitan Hospital


"Thank you so much for the mask! It means so much to us to keep ourselvs and our patients safe, especially in times like these that it’s hard to us to get supply in timely manner."

- Physical therapist in Staten Island


"At our hospital, nurses, doctors, and nursing assistants have to use the same N95 mask for the entire shift and sometimes for days if there are no masks. Thank you for helping workers on the frontlines." 

- Doctor at Montefiore Medical Center


"I am a front line doctor and I saw your post. I admit I was a bit skeptical. But out of desperation, I gave it a shot. And I got the masks today! I am sharing them with my colleagues. Super thanks to you and the 1M Masks group! 

- Doctor at Mount Sinai Beth Israel

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