Over $$650K Raised from Amazing Startups ♥️
Over $$650K Raised from Amazing Startups ♥️
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1M Masks Ships 65K Masks in the First Week

It has been an incredible week. We have raised over $250K from dozens of startups, investors and companies in the New York area and beyond. We are humbled and grateful for the support of these amazing partners as we fight the COVID-19 crisis together. 1M Masks would not exist if it were not for their generous contributions. 

We are also thrilled to be partnering with the warehousing and fulfillment network Ware2Go. As we realize the scale of products coming in and going out, working with W2G has been critical in getting our operation off the ground. The workplace social good program RaisedBy.Us is another amazing 1M Masks partner, providing support to allow tax deductible donations from especially large donors.

Because of these contributions from our funders and partners, we now have over 65K masks – both KN95 and surgical masks – en route to the U.S. from China. Within the U.S., we have already shipped over 1K PPE items to doctors and nurses. Additional shipments are expected to arrive later this week. 

The more we connect with healthcare professionals, the more we are learning about the dire reality of this crisis. The hospital is a war zone, with most doctors and nurses able to use just one mask a day. The very folks who are fighting everyday to keep us healthy and safe, are now falling ill. We can't let this happen. 

That's why we are doing our part because ultimately, more masks could mean that more lives are saved. Some have asked what the ultimate goal is. While one million masks is aspirational, we will continue to raise money and send supplies to the front lines until our doctors and nurses tell us they are okay.

Until then, we kindly ask that you continue to spread the word and share our initiative with other startups and companies in your network. 

Are you a startup, investor or company interested in donating?

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